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Individual Therapy

Individual therapy provides us an excellent opportunity to explore what is going on for us. In the world we are generally encouraged to not look too closely at our own experiences and instead park them in favour of continuing to work hard and look after others. It tends to be the case that this is only manageable for so long before all the things we have been carrying become too heavy for our shoulders.

Therapy gives us the opportunity to share our thoughts and feelings without having worry about how the other person might react or feeling the need to reciprocate. It is a space just for you, to work through whatever you want.

Each session is lead by the client and therefore unique. However, here are some basics on how individual therapy with works within my practice.

There is an initial consultation, offered free of charge. It is 30 minutes and will give us an opportunity to get to know each other. I tend to ask some questions about what has brought you to therapy, what you’re looking to get out of therapy, and what your current support system looks like. In turn you are welcome to ask any questions and hopefully you’ll get a feel for whether you feel we’d work well together. This session also gives us an opportunity to go over the therapeutic contract which includes details of confidentiality, safeguarding and cancellation policy.

Currently, sessions are conducted via video call or phone call. While this doesn’t suit everyone, the nature of my work means I am unable to offer face to face appointments at this time.

Sessions are 45-50 minutes and are charged at £45 per session. There is a small number of sessions available at a reduced rate for those who need it, so if there are any questions around fees please do get in touch.

Sessions will be arranged at the same time every week however some flexibility is available. In the beginning I prefer clients arrange weekly sessions until we get used to working together however I will aim to be as accommodating to your schedule as possible.

I hope this will give you some idea of how individual therapy works however, if there are any other questions please get in touch below. 

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